Why this, and why now?

So, why start a blog?  Those who know me (and if that’s not you, welcome, thanks for stumbling by!) will know that I’m not one for public sharing of thoughts and feelings.  

Inspired by a few friends, some of whom you’ll see links to on the right, I thought I’d give it a go.  The idea was to be a place to put my musings, to keep me honest in doing some things I want to make myself do by posting them in public, and hopefully to amuse some of you in the process.  

Why now?  Oddly enough, the end of August/beginning of September is a bit of a marker point in my year:  

  • The competitive ultimate frisbee season is over after at the August Bank Holiday weekend.  
  • The beginning of October is halfway through my work year.  
  • I moved into where I now live a few weeks before the August Bank Holiday 2 years ago.  
So I thought I’d write down a few of my aims for the year in the section on the right, and I can tick them off as we go through the year.  Feel free to check up on me as we go. 
In the meantime, I made this recently, and I thought it’s lighten the tone a little, so let’s start here:

Full Post 1: Review of the last year, to follow shortly.  

3 thoughts on “Why this, and why now?

  1. Hey buddy. Looks good. I am looking forward to getting a deeper look inside your mind. Thanks for the last two years…. you have been and still are a great housemate..


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